The Harvard Business Review states that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. … When considering the costs associated with recruiting and on-boarding new employees, making the wrong decision will result in a massive impact for an organisation.

  • WHY ARE WE SO BAD AT HIRING? The impact to an organization of making a bad hiring decision is up to 50% of an employee’s annual salary.

However, there are other less obvious costs that you may not be aware of, such as:

  • Time spent interviewing candidate and verifying references
  • Time spent by managers and other employees on training
  • Time spent by HR on paperwork, benefits administration, payroll setup and orientation
  • Loss of clients due to poor customer service
  • Loss of employee morale if others have to pick up the work of the lower-performing employee

Although implementing any amount of rigor and methodology into your hiring processes can lead to lower hiring failure rates, it’s important to consider factors that reach far beyond anything you would see on a resume or be able to pick up in an interview.

  • The way you hire is about to get a whole lot smarter. Gone are the days of arbitrary job requirement, cumbersome assessments and setup, and gut feelings about resumes.

Hiring and On-boarding: Know exactly who you are looking for before you post your job.  Hire confidently by comparing your candidates against raw data for each position against your pre-defined behavioral requirements.  Know within seconds with our software if you have a match for the role before you are wasting time looking at resumes and doing interviews.   We will reduce your turn over & speed up your hiring process. No organization can afford to make a bad hire or lose that hire before the organizational benefits are realized.

Profile match & ranking – Save time on the front end, with automated analysis between a candidate’s behavioral drives and the pre-defined job target enables you to easily sort through a candidate pipeline and find best fits for a given role.

Keeping our Good People: If you have a business you have people problems.  Understanding each person’s individual hardwires keeps the team communicating  like never before. It is not complicated but transformation comes when…

Succession Planning: Are your next leaders already on the team, if not how do we find them, if so how do we keep them motivated & invest in them for the future before they leave.

Knowledge Transfer: (need to write a bit more on this) From Sales, operations, accounting, project management, administration etx we will identify the strengths & weaknesses of you team and build your future org chart based of data and analytics to start looking for the people we need to get us to the next 5 years.

One solution does it all!