As you scale and grow we have a proven process that aligns work allocation with potential candidates using statics and data.

We play money ball for business owners! People decisions are always the most important. If we get that wrong the damage is catastrophic!

  • Are you a PE firm looking to acquire another company and wondering what they have under the hood on their leadership team?
  • Are you a CEO looking to make sure you have the right number 2 to compliment your strengths and weakness?
  • Are you struggling finding A players to join your sales team?
  • Do you have the right Controller or CFO managing your financials?
  • Is your operations manager naturally hardwired to deal with the day/day work allocations?
  • Are you stuck in the weeds every day at work when you would rather be focusing on big picture?

Whether you want to increase productivity, gorw sales, reduce turnover, minimize accidents or improve succession planning, we will give you a proven way to reach your goals. Our data is so crisp we will help eliminate the guess work and give you objective feedback that we teach you to read and mobilize. Stop using your GUT to evaluate current employees.

Learn how to use this data with every human on your team, get the right people in the right jobs every time.

This program is not built for the Average CEO, If you wake up every day looking to crush your BHAG than give our fee demo a try.

What you will get: (were about to find out what you have under the hood in 7 minutes)
The Hard part isn’t finding top talent, it’s keeping the A players we have for sustainable periods of time!

We help get CEOs get out of own way and help them drive top and bottom line goals through advanced analytics. We do that by evaluating a team top down strategically, what are the midterm/long term goals and how we tracking towards those goals and looking at right people in right seats to hit those goals. We do this through knowledge transfer workshops so we teach our clients this data so they can lead, direct and manage there people based on how the person is wired vs ones own paridim. Unless you have been tough other wise you assume everyone is wired like you.

What we will show you:

Understand thyself ,
Understand the people that work around you and report to you
Learn how to lead, direct and manage your team vs how they view the world relative to how you view the world.
How to attract, hire and retain top talent
Improve team performance with data-driven decisions


We measure and diagnose opportunities for performance improvement and development at the individual, team and organizational level.</p> <p>We believe data is a catalyst for individual and organizational growth.Objective data improves decision-making with our most important asset, our people.</p> <p>No matter the organizational challenge, we always start with data.


Data alone is not enough. Leaders must understand the story the data is telling and what to do about it. Chas helps make meaningful use of data to uniquely inform individual and organizational action.</p> <p>Crisp data, blunt facts, gloves off truth, no hand holding, indecisive leaders this is NOT the program for you.</p> <p>(This program is built for) TYPE A leaders who wake up every day wanting to crush their BAG, if your number 1 driver is to compete, achieve and WIN than keep reading.


How can we improve? How can I grow? What should we do next?</p> <p>Once leaders have a true understanding of challenges and opportunities, they feel more confident taking action.</p> <p>Through our knowledge transfer workshop we teach our clients this data so they can lead, direct & manage their people based on how that person is wired instead of their own paradigm.</p> <p>Any individuals on the team will learn how to mobilize this data and better communicate with the team.

Find out how you are treating or mistreating your #1 employee.. YOU!

  • Free surveys for you and your leadership team
  • Gloves off truth about how much top talent or lack thereof you have on the team
  • Who is engaged at work and who is about to walk out the door
  • Who on the team can help you hit your goals and who is pulling you back
  • 30 minute expert consulting call to review the data
  • The data is yours to keep when we are done

Build The Right Team


Click here to try the survey, when you are complete Chas will reach out for to review your data and set you up a free demo to have your leadership team take the survey.